ZDay Webcast 2015

ZDay 2015 Main Event, Webcast

Live stream of the main event on Sat 14 March 2015, starting at 3:00 pm (UTC+1)


TZM Speakers:

  • Ben Mcleish (TZM UK/Lecture team) - "The Zeitgeist Worldview"
  • Franky Müller (TZM Germany) - "TZM Simplified"
  • Gilbert Ismail (Global Chapters Administration) "TZM Activism Evolved"(working title)
  • James Phillips (TZM UK/TZM Education) - "TZM Education: Launchpad sustainability"(working title)


  • Peter Joseph (TZM Founder) - "Where do we go from here?"
  • Stefan Kengen (TZM Denmark) - " The Deception of Perception"
  • Astrid Meischberger (TZM Austria) - "The Capability of a plant based diet"
  • Max Bocksch (TZM Berlin) - "Faces of Structural Violence"
  • Brandon Kristy (TZM USA/California) - "Anatomy & Spirit of a Worldwide Movement"

Guest speakers:

  • Abby Martin (Journalist)
  • Lee Camp (Comedian) -remote shout out via skype